Tradex Status Update 2010-10-06:

Work is slowly progressing on the backend parts of Tradex - which pretty much all will be open source. Rework is in progress on the internal messaging architecture (distributing the message classes to the namespaces of their functional areas, changing inheritance trees) and the connectivity framework. The implementation so far focused on market data only, now order and account handling is being debugged.

There is alsso work being done on the internal MarketService (and implementation) which is responsible for not only handling market data storage, but also the universe (known symbols, searching).


  • Set up synchroniization between the internal repository and the codeplex TFS system so checkins get automatically propagated.
  • Fully spec and debug the connectivity framework to handle accounts and orders. The Tradex-Server-Internal (non open source) simulation service will serve as reference implementation on order handling.
  • Load complete symbol sets of about a dozen exchanges into the master database for testing the symbol universe. This should be about 4 to 6 million symbols (mostly thanks to exchange published spreads and options).

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