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Dec 28, 2010 at 7:18 AM
Edited Dec 28, 2010 at 7:23 AM

...yes, things are not dead. The initial release was very preliminary.

There are some things going on in a End of Year / January time frame:

End of year:

* Code wipe. The initial upload was there so there is something. Otherwise the project was / would be on a delete schedule by codeplex. I need to wipe the existing code for...

* Code sync. Development happens on a local system at NetTecture (TFS 2010). TFS Integration tools allow (full or partial) syncing. We will soon start syncing code and work items up to Codeplex. Downlink is also possible.... if people want to contribute. Not too nice, though, as all other elements (continous integration etc.) will not sync. If anyone wants to contribute at a later stage... something will need to be set up. COde sync will be partial - no Solution provided, only projects. This is because on our end evertything is one solution. Maybe...

* Issue Tracker. Yes. Same as Code - via sync from my internal system.

* Documentation. Now this is tricky - Sandcastle can make it nice, but it has two problems: First, it documents EVERYTHING - including our non-public elements. Maybe this is where we get into having a second solution (Tradex.Public.sln?) which we can also sync up. Second, it is a bandwidth issue (office beind now two async lines, but that still is only 1mbit upward link speed). And third, I found no code so far telling me how to publish sandcastle to codeplex. Anyone with an idea feel welcome.

January 2011:

* Connectors. I have some here that are full / partially working (as much as needed). Sadly, publishing them is not so easy due to legal problems (NDA on API etc.). We will contact all relevant parties and ask for permission to publish OUR code. This will be partial (no header files, no link libraries), but these are simple drop ins and will be documented. At least it gives a decent working code base. The first connector coming would likely be financial real time data only, NxCore / Nanex, if we get the permission. Nanex is a great feed publushing complete exchanges. Pricy, but you get what you pay for.