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Project Description

The Tradex-Framework is a partially open source Financial Trading application. This project contains the open source parts, available under the LGPL License. This includes core datadefinitions, as well as libraries to handle the various data formats Tradex understands.

The Tradex application is a client/server multi trader trading application. It is closed source and developped for inhouse use (although making it available to the broad public is under consideration). Certain basic elements are deemed interesting for other similar projects. These are made available under a LGPL license. Source code and binaries are made available in regular intervals here on codeplex.

Elements published

Tradex contains multiple different elements. Not all are available under open source. The non-public parts include the complete backend and the administrative and web interfaces. The available parts are all front end and end user facing elements.


This is the core assembly for the Tradex elements. It contains, in various namespaces, all presentation classes, the messages for the Tradex message passing architecture, the Tradex message bus and the interfaces for all services used within Tradex.


Thie contains the complete code for the upstream connectivity (towards brokers, data providers and trading platforms). Tradex uses a client / Server and driver approach to connnect to different providers. Connectors implement a specific API and connect to one third party element each. They are (normally) started via Wrapper executables that can either be 32 or 64 bit (Wrapper32.exe or Wrapper64.exe). They communicate via WCF with a central coordinator. This appoach isolates the core system from connector crashes and allows a free mix of a 64 bit server with 32 bit upload dll's.


This assembly contains the complete logic to handle the financial market storage and transfer. The MarketStream format is used to store and transmit market price information. It contains complete specifications for file based usage as well as real time network transfer of price information, either TCP or UDP based.


The presentation assmebly contains all elements that are used in the FrontDesk trader application. This application is completely cstomizable - including the ability to code one's own DOM and chart elements. The core Presentation library contains the source code for all visual elements with the exception of the chart control (which is in Tradex.Charting). This is mostly meant so that users of Tradex can see the code for the UI elements and use it as starting point for customizations.

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